Revenue Improvements


Optimization = EMR Change Over

We know you are working hard to maintain your practice–finding time to research and manage mandated changes can seem impossible. We have been through the process and can streamline it to ensure it’s easily doable–financially and operationally.

Preparation for this initiative is essential–an analysis of where you are in terms of infrastructure, operational workflows, as well as staff and provider attitudes is extremely important. Based on this analysis, we create a project management plan for you.

We also provide key decision help in picking vendors who can direct administrative, medical and technical staff through the process. This includes recommendations for training and paper file transference. We also can help if you are moving from one Business Platform to another. We are Friends of Athena and super users. We can help you ramp up and move onto this and other EMR/PM packages.

We can help you with new upgrades and their impact on coding and billing. We are already practicing ICD-10


Our experience has shown that many practices find themselves on “the edge” and caught between doing everything expected and running a happy profitable practice. We can help you quickly reach a sounder financial basis by working through our 4-point financial optimization plan.

The process begins with an assessment of your practice and research into your market, patient base and competition to determine your short and long-term needs. We also look at your demographics, patient base and retention to determine what needs to be done to cost-effectively support and grow the practice. Whether it’s…

All areas of operations as well as your methodology in billing will be analyzed and a strategic plan for success designed for your practice. This plan identifies existing areas of opportunity to cut redundancy and streamline workflows.

Audits and billing/coding and mapping to claim will be reviewed. This will tell us if you are getting every bit of AR you possibly can and we can look at claims that are troubled.


Analysis of staff roles and productivity can be conducted to determine if staffing levels are adequate and patient-focused. Areas of improvement may include some role shifts to achieve more confident, happy and helpful staff. Further analysis of leadership and customer relationships may result in recommendations for new protocols or training where needed.

We offer implementation assistance with new digital interactive tools for training in OSHA and HIPAA as well as payroll and staff records keeping the burden on the practice staff minimized.

We also can provide help with:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Resource Management/Workflows
  • Credentialing
  • Provider/Midlevel Acquisition


Financial Analyses is relevant to every other initiative you may undertake because it is absolutely necessary to look at your assets and your liabilities. We have a 4-point analyses and action plan that can make all the difference to your practice’s future.

If you are just beginning to undertake the move to a new EHR and PM we want to track ROI and optimize stimulus monies where possible. We would include financial measurement in our success metrics.

Real hands-on help maybe needed to develop Key Financial Relationships

We can help you proactively manage your AP/AR through:

  • Budgets
  • Productivity-Profit analyses
  • Billing-Timing, Return and Percentage
  • Stimulus Goals
  • Acquisitions


In today’s’ world, getting new patients needs to extend beyond just aYellow pages ad. At AscentialMed, we can help you implement the latest methods to market your practice: from your portal and web site; SEO (Search Engine Optimization); web advertising and emails. We help you access marketing and public relations Healthcare experts that use proven methods to increase patient exposure to your practice.

AscentialMed also can create atried and true patient Referral, Retention and Education program harnessing social media and community outreach programs that put you on the map and ahead of your competition.

We know that implementing our marketing tactics, coupled with successful customer service and patient focused protocols, can increase the size of your practice within one year and give you an excellent return on your investment.

We also execute the following marketing and communications tactics:

  • Branding
  • Collateral
  • Web Site and Patient Portal Development
  • Web Search Engine and Marketing Pay per Click
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Social Marketing and Media Optimization
  • Patient Recruitment and Retention